Ethox Purchases Assets of Global Seven

Ethox Chemicals is proud to announce that we will purchase the assets of Global Seven effective January 1st, 2019.  Ethox has had a long standing manufacturing partnership with Global Seven and we are excited to bring our industry leading portfolio of Personal Care products straight to you. 

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ISO 9000


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Hest GC818 PEG Free Thickener
(192 KB)
Hest G-18-0 Anti-Microbial Moisturizing Ester
(550 KB)
Hest HVB Liquid (194 KB)


Global Seven is a unique producer of specialty chemicals for personal care, household and industrial products. Complementing their product line is flexibility to custom design products and finished formulations to suit customer needs. Included in the line is a wide range of innovative, high performance specialty esters, surfactants, emulsifiers, thickeners, amines, and amides.

Global Seven offers a wide range of unique products delivering a broad range of characteristics for flexibility and versatility in product formulation. In selecting a product it is important to consider characteristics including chemical type, polarity or HLB and spreadability depending on the desired attributes and application. For optimal performance it is desirable to combine various products with a range of characteristics. This yields products that are well balanced and allows for maximum flexibility in modifying formulations as needed. Global Seven provides a broad range of unique products, but also the technical information and support to select the right materials for any given need.

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