Ethox Purchases Assets of Global Seven

Ethox Chemicals is proud to announce that we will purchase the assets of Global Seven effective January 1st, 2019.  Ethox has had a long standing manufacturing partnership with Global Seven and we are excited to bring our industry leading portfolio of Personal Care products straight to you. 

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ISO 9000


Global Seven Products

Conditioner and cationic self-emulsifier. Excellent conditioning and
substantive to hair and skin.









Methosulfate (and)
Cetearyl Alcohol



A cationic self-emulsifier and conditioner. It is ideal for systems that are
difficult to emulsify such as silicones and can be used alone as the sole
emulsifier. Because it is cationic it is substantive to hair and skin. In hair
care it delivers excellent conditioning and improves wet and dry combing.
In skin care it delivers a soft elegant after feel and in rinse off products
it facilitates deposition of other nonionic conditioners and
moisturizers. Use levels vary with application but are generally from
1–10%. Where used as the sole emulsifier concentrations of 5% or
more may be appropriate. Where used in combination with other emulsifiers,
concentrations of 1–5% or less may be appropriate. In conditioners
use levels of 2–8% or more may be appropriate. Conditioners
can be made simply heating 5–10% Gloquat BQ in water to 80° C.
For silicones such as cyclomethicone or dimethicone use levels
required vary with application from about 5/1 to about 10/1
silicone/Gloquat BQ.